New permitted development: Are any approvals needed?

Yes, you must apply for the “prior approval” of the LPA in relation to the following factors:

  • the impact on the amenity of adjoining premises including overlooking, privacy and the loss of light

  • external appearance, including the design and architectural features of the principal elevation and side elevations fronting a highway

  • air traffic and defence asset impacts and certain protected views

Before beginning, you must also provide a report on construction management, covering the hours of operation and how adverse impacts of noise, dust, vibration and traffic will be mitigated.

The application for prior approval must comply with requirements including a description of the works and elevations and other assessments relating to the above factors. Neighbour notifications and consultation of certain third parties are required, giving the opportunity for representations to be made which must be taken into account.

The development cannot begin until prior approval is received (which may be conditional). There is no deemed approval provision. Prior approval can be refused if the LPA thinks that the proposal does not comply with the Regulations or insufficient information has been provided.

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